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Are we becoming IoT dependant?

At the eve of my overseas business trip, I have been debating about what to pack, making sure that I have all I need for over 10 days of business meetings and private time with friends. I am sure that many readers, seasoned travellers, had this situation more than once. Matching the right clothes with the expected weather and business conditions, sport’s shoes for the days when one feels guilty about all that wonderful restaurant food and the right electronic devices to stay informed, productive and entertained. Packing is no longer just about clothes and shoes, it is about tools and their accessories.
One fits all? Not really
If all would run with the same power supply, that would be quite nice, yet, smartphone, tablet and laptop all require their specific cables and adaptors to charge. The USB charger is standard with the exception for the laptop, yet, it is coming quite close to it with USB-C chargers.
Convenience vs dependence
For me, the laptop is not an option; I have a very light notebook with USB-C power adaptor, quite compact and efficient, but, dongles are required to interface with the rest of my equipment. On this trip, I have decided that the tablet stays home as it is a duplicate with the computer... I am sure that soon this will no longer be the question as convergence between notebook and tablet is just a matter of a few pieces of software, in the meantime, one less charger to take along.
This morning, my last dilemma was: do I take my trusted mechanical Rolex or do I keep my smartwatch on my wrist instead? Let’s dissect this for just a second: I’ll be travelling through several time zones, I will hit the fitness centre, I will chain multiple meetings, I wish to stay in touch with my family in case of any emergency and not pop my smartphone out of my pocket each time there is a notification (how rude!) of flight gate change or delay.... smartwatch probably is a safe take. Downside: I need an extra charger (plus plug adapter) and cable in my carry on. This IoT smart device makes that I need to carry just a little more than my trusted mechanical watch requiring zero cabling and I getting dependent on my IoT device?
This is just about travel, where, I think, connected devices are the most used and had the strongest adopter's curve. Next will come the car and the house... Expect a new article about that soon.
How dependant are you from your electronic equipment during travel? Do you carry more adaptors, chargers and cables than pairs of socks? What are your priorities? Full office in the bag or relying more on cloud data to access your information via mobile devices like smartphone or tablet? Feel free to comment!
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Taking your Ideas beyond:

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