Give your Quest a great Marketing strategy

After a tough 2020, the Corona virus has been monopolising the headlines for the last 10 months and (unfortunately) will do for a few more of them.
Other positive and worthy causes such as the fight for the survival of our planet, education for the needy and many more well-worth causes have been relegated to the low end of the news visibility spectrum. How can foundations, association and not-for-profit groups come back to the surface to attract attention, volunteering and funding?
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Is Social Media Your News Channel?

When I was kid, my parents listened to the radio during dinner to get an update about the “World News” and watch the news broadcast on TV at 7PM, everyday.
At the time, it was clear to me that what was said and shown on those channels was referred as “The News”… the authority.
Over 50 years later, the parameters to get the “Official news” have changed.
I still love to read the news of the world and, to do so, I use many digital sources to compare, evaluate and, eventually, have an opinion.
I have preferred news channels but I also enjoy checking the ones I dislike, just to get a flavour of “the other side”.

With social media so entrenched into people's lives, it becomes more difficult for everyone to be objective about the information they read.
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Why "Popularity" is not what you want!

At the eve of the 2020 US-elections, everything seem to be about popularity. Not just for politicians but also for businesses and individuals, regardless of the demographics. Are we so much in debt of feeling important that we are ready to break rules or look stupid, just to get more “Likes” or “Shares”?
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Is this the new age of Marketing?

As the COVID-19 corona virus is omnipresent in the news and all seem to revolve around business survival, several new areas of development are coming into strength to support day-to-day life under the new rules of lock-downs and travel restrictions. Video conferencing, collaborative working, e-commerce and online tutoring have suddenly become the life line for so many that are home bound for the next few weeks. How is marketing adapting to it and how are you dealing with the change?
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Soar and Succeed

Over the last three years of being a freelance consultant, I have noticed that my focus on finding the best out of every opportunity has been challenged by the fact that, while running my own business, the pressure is always on to find the next customer and source of revenue. However, during my last few months, I have noticed that there is a smarter way to look at things, especially in the professional world. Read More…

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