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Is Social Media Your News Channel?

When I was kid, my parents listened to the radio during dinner to get an update about the “World News” and watch the news broadcast on TV at 7PM, everyday.
At the time, it was clear to me that what was said and shown on those channels was referred as “The News”… the authority.
Over 50 years later, the parameters to get the “Official news” have changed.
I still love to read the news of the world and, to do so, I use many digital sources to compare, evaluate and, eventually, have an opinion.
I have preferred news channels but I also enjoy checking the ones I dislike, just to get a flavour of “the other side”.

With social media so entrenched into people's lives, it becomes more difficult for everyone to be objective about the information they read.
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Social Media...great! What's next?

When one talks about marketing, by default, social media becomes part of the discussion. But when social media drives everyone into a popularity contest, marketing is the loser of the game.
What used to be a platform to share achievements and useful information has become a world of influencers where politicians, influencer groups and companies compete for the spotlight of a fraction of a second during the scrolling of posts by users.
If you are using social media as your primary marketing tool, then you are in for a shock as being successful on social media is like trying to add an extra bright light into the Milky Way and hope that someone thinks it is a star.
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Social Media? Privacy? Embark on the next marketing wave

Social medias have been making the headlines with data leaks, privacy compliance corruption and other unethical practices yet, they continue to drive forward their push to get more data from each of us and mine it for money. What started as a “connect” with friends approach has quickly become a real influencer and not always for the good.

From a marketing stand point, data gathering to create pointed campaigns, managing the analytics and impact of each program launched over the social media groups has become an key segment of the economy. This massive machine is now turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to “automatically” forecast one’s next need or wish and cope with the vast amount of data to be processed.
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