Marketing strategy

Give your Quest a great Marketing strategy

After a tough 2020, the Corona virus has been monopolising the headlines for the last 10 months and (unfortunately) will do for a few more of them.
Other positive and worthy causes such as the fight for the survival of our planet, education for the needy and many more well-worth causes have been relegated to the low end of the news visibility spectrum. How can foundations, association and not-for-profit groups come back to the surface to attract attention, volunteering and funding?
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Why "Popularity" is not what you want!

At the eve of the 2020 US-elections, everything seem to be about popularity. Not just for politicians but also for businesses and individuals, regardless of the demographics. Are we so much in debt of feeling important that we are ready to break rules or look stupid, just to get more “Likes” or “Shares”?
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