Stiffan Consulting


We focus on managing great programs and collaborations
between academia and the industry

Academia and Industry have a strong role to play in the world of Innovation. 
We focus on coaching and developing market and brand strategies with focus on ecosystem, customer experience and channel management with emphasis of academia <-> industry relationships to drive brand acceptance, innovation, proof of concept development and technology adoption via Hackathons, Student Challenges and Teaching Labs.

Chronometer Project and Program Management
We act as the project and event management team, taking care of all the details of a challenge such as rules, PR alignment, technology positioning and sponsor engagement. 
Technology and Service sponsors get the benefit of positioning their brand, technology and services, creating the next generation of loyal customers. In addition, they have access to the best recruiting via this 'Live-CV' event to identify the next generation of leaders and engineers.  Universities get invaluable access to technology, hardware, software and best in class service providers.  In addition, they benefit from the branding and positioning of their school in the competitive arena of education providers, helping to attract valuable future graduates.

Partner Logo EmptyPartners and Ecosystems
We enjoy relationships with universities and academia institutions across continents, enabling us to position the challenge across a diversified population.  We continually work to evaluate and mould the evolution of the challenge, ensuring a high value event for new and repeat participants and increased Return on Investment for the sponsors and supporters.
The addition of a network of over 350 software, hardware, distribution and integration companies ensures access to the right partnerships to develop exciting proof of concepts, demonstrations and comprehensive industry to education knowledge transfer programs.

University HatsProcess and Content Gathering Programs
Regardless of the level of the education of the participants, there is always a great deal of value in the collaboration between academia and the industry. The multiple win-win scenarios makes it difficult to think of a reason NOT to do it.
In many cases, the question arises about the Return on Investment on Education program partnerships. In the Digital World, content is king and content creation with educational institutions is quite fast. Open Source code, online courses, application notes and demos to push the limits of hardware and software is part of the nature of driving industry towards education partnerships.
The challenges associated with the partnership in student challenges, Hackathons or Maker Faire management are multiple and require focus and expertise to ensure smooth engagement for both the sponsors and the students.